Normandy Beaches Trail

Normandy is best known as the landing point for the Allies against Nazi Germany in World War Two. It was in Normandy that vast American, British, Canadian, French and Polish forces landed to liberate Europe in 1944.

This more recent history has partially obscured the other rich history of this beautiful part of France. From the time of the Roman conquest of the area in 51BC to the time the Vikings landed in Normandy in the 9th Century and gradually pushed out and assimilated with the Frankish inhabitants to the birth of William the Conqueror who became the King of England to the French Revolution, Normandy holds a special place in the history of France, Europe and the World.

Normandy is a rich agricultural area where apple and pear orchards dot the countryside and chateaus, small villages and larger towns are especially picturesque. It is great horse country as one might expect given its numerous private and public stud farms. More than 70% of all French thoroughbreds and trotters are bred in Normandy. But the most famous of the Normandy breeds is the heavy draft horse, the gentle tempered and noble Percheron. Horses are considered the “Pride of Normandy.” As such, the horses used on the trail riding vacation are terrific. A gallop along the Normandy beaches is a very special treat where excitement, adventure and history all seem to combine.

A rich agricultural area naturally is an area rich in cuisine also. The food in Normandy is incredible with seafood, meat dishes, vegetables and, of course, fruit. There many concoctions made from apple cider but the most famous is Calvados, a brandy used to aid digestion. A fine meal after a wonderful day in the saddle is an indescribable delight.

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