Cross Country Training in New Zealand
With Mark Todd and Karen Neiderer 

New Zealand may be a small country with a population of just four million but in the Eventing world, New Zealand is a world power. Why is such a small country such a force in a sport when it competes against much larger countries? Is it the horses, is it the riders, is it the land or is it the culture?

It is all of those things but it is also the relaxed nature of New Zealand. It is a way of becoming a better rider that doesn't involve pressure and yelling. It is a way of feeling the spirit of your horse by relaxing and letting go. New Zealand has truly great horses but what is really different is the quiet way of learning to get your horse to do his best while you do yours.

Your instructor in this six day, seven night program is Karen Niederer. Karen has been eventing for over 20 years and has represented New Zealand, qualified for the World Championship and competes at the Advanced Level.   In addition, Mark Todd, coach of the New Zealand Eventing Team, will be available for a day of lessons one week a month  . Riders should be prepared for as much as five hours of riding a day.

The program features lessons with Karen in small groups and trail rides in the countryside surrounding the 2500 acre equestrian facility. The facility is just a seven minute drive from New Zealand's National Equestrian Centre, where you will also train.

The countryside is magnificient with a variety of farm and native bush country, inhabited by a variety of native birds, deer, wild turkey, ducks and pheasants. The equestrian facility provides an "all weather" arena, a large turf arena and extensive areas of made country. You may be asked to participate in "sheep mustering" which is a lot like herding cattle and is a lot of fun.

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